Not-So-Massive Action Game


Shooting, explosions and a hook in the style of Just Cause


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Not-So-Massive Action Game is a 2D action game where players face off against armies of enemy soldiers using just one a single character, who in addition to the usual weapons, has a hook just like the one that featured in Just Cause.

Players can use different weapons, including pistols, shotguns and machine guns to kill the enemies that appear on screen. These try to surprise you on land, sea and in the air ... and that is precisely where you get an advantage.

Thanks to the hook, you can not only bring down enemies that appear with parachutes, but also hijack the helicopters where they came from. Once taken, you can fly them around, shooting and killing hundreds of enemies.

Not-So-Massive Action Game has several different game modes: Challenge Mode lets you deal with various enemy filled levels, while survival mode (available in both one and two player modes) lets you keep killing enemies until the kill you.

Not-So-Massive Action Game is a 2D action game that, despite not having any spectacular looking graphics, has some very addictive gameplay full of detail that will delight fans of shooting games.
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